No-Code approach or how to implement your Data SEO ideas quickly?

OpenAI has revolutionized text generation with GPT-3, but its latest innovation with GPT-3 Codex has considerably changed the game with its No-Code approach. This becomes a major asset for all organizations that wish to stand out and adapt to today’s constantly evolving markets. With GPT-3 Codex, you allow everyone, including non-technical profiles, to do data science and SEO. 

First of all the no-code approach is a marketing term that implies the use of tools for non-professional developers. There are many solutions on the market and the most famous is surely Bubble which allows to create apps without knowing how to program.

Bubble, the most famous No-Code Platform

Secondly, no-code tools often allow you to write a little code to make everything work and the creation is done with a very visual approach as you can see in the screenshot above.

We move components like images, databases on the right and we specify the different actions between the components.

After that, you have to know that all data science trainings for beginners are often low-code, of course you learn advanced concepts but to manipulate them you often have to write some code in R or Python.

GPT-3 Codex changes the game because you also have turnkey tools but you will control everything with instructions.

I see three important benefits: 

  1. See your project take shape quickly and pivot quickly throughout the process based on the results.
  2. Create and customize these  applications with a business expert who knows exactly how the solution will be used
  3. No more worrying about how the project will be deployed, in the cloud, on a server, locally, on a smartphone, the project is immediately usable whatever the platform.

Now on Youtube, you will find an example with Streamlit where we will analyze data with instructions, Google has started with the AnswerBox in Google Analytics v4 but I am sure that soon this feature will be present in all data visualization software.

GA AnswerBox v4

Codex for SEO

If you are curious, I invite you to join my new no-code training that I created with Charly ( @datachaz ) :

No development language knowledge is required and above all, no access to GPT-3 Codex is necessary for the training because we have created dedicated pedagogical applications.

You will find : 

✓ 150 min of video

✓ 9 apps 🎈 Streamlit ready and working to test your ideas!

✓ 1 week of practice to test on your own data

✓ A vibrant self-help community

✓ Personalized support for building your Streamlit apps.

✓ Free access to a code generator based on the new state-of-the-art GPT-3 Codex

I invite you to follow the DataMarketingLabs YouTube channel where videos will be posted regularly.