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How to Export Annotations from Google Analytics #SEO

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In my last post Enhance Your Google Analytics Data with R and Shiny , I have exported Annotations from Google Analytics. There is no option to export Annotations in GA. So , I give you a solution. 1/ Install the Chrome Extension “Table Capture” 2/ In Google Analytics,  Go “Admin”, “Assets”, “Annotations” and click on “Display

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Tutoriel @ScreamingFrog v4 : Google Analytics integration et Custom extraction


ScreamingFrog vient de sortir la version 4 et je vous dresse un tutoriel rapide des nouvelles fonctionnalités. Pour rappel, ScreamingFrog permet d’identifier toutes les caractéristiques d’une page pour le SEO. Vous devez spécifier une url dans le champ « enter url to spider » , appuyer sur “Start” et choisir un onglet qui peut détailler les : Inlinks, Outlinks, Protocol,

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R Tools for SEO : Visualizing your site’s Internal Linking


My first english post is about how to generate the internal link graph of any site with R Studio. Process and Tools You need RStudio with packages iGraph, SNA and Dplyr To install a package , just type in the console : install.packages(“iGraph”) The process required exporting the URLs crawled with Screaming Frog. When the crawl is finished,

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