Best Data Engineering Course & Certification [2020] with IBM

Hadoop Foundations – Level 2

Our reviews : Come along and start your journey to receiving the following badges: Hadoop Foundations – Level 1, Hadoop Programming – Level 1, Hadoop Administration – Level 1, Hadoop Data Access – Level 1, and Hadoop Foundations – Level 2!

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Hadoop Data Access – Level 2

Our reviews : In this Accessing Hadoop Data Using Hive course, you will get a solid foundation on using Apache Hive, a tool that can help make querying your data much easier. You will learn how to query, summarize, and analyze large data sets stored in Hadoop compatible file systems.

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Spark Level 2

Our reviews : Very good course for Spark RDD Architecture. Contents are very useful for optimising Transformations and Actions. The lectures are intuitive, thorough and clear.

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